Grilling Myths

Well, you may have already heard about some grilling myths shared by experts. You will come across plenty of such information on the internet. However, you will come across overwhelming amount of information on the internet, to the point of confusing you. Lot of this information can be pure garbage. You will find it hard to assess which information is genuine and which is not. Well, we would like to help you with the same here. We are going to talk about 3 myths which are associated with grilling. We hope that busting these myths will help you to see the truth behind this.

Checking more lengthens cooking time

  • You may have come across this tip already. They advise against checking on the food as it can lead to increase in cooking time.
  • There is this theory it in fact adds 15 minutes to the cooking time when you check on it each time, especially in the case of long cooks.
  • But this is not true at all. Temperature will not be affected just because you check on the food. It will not add to the cooking time at all.
  • Even scientists and physicists have busted this myth with data. Therefore, you should not take this absurd information serious at all.

Marinate longer helps to make the meat tender

There is this wrong belief that longer you marinate the meat it provides better flavor for your meat. Apparently, it will make the meat tender as well. This is not at all true. However, it works for thin cuts of meat. Only salt can penetrate deep into the meat. You cannot expect spices to go that deep. So, again this is false information which you should discard. There is no point in marinating overnight looking for that outcome.

Oil grill grates to avoid sticking

Yes, this is another thing you will find online on many portals. There is little truth attached to it. This is one of the widely repeated grilling tips out there. We wouldn’t deny the fact that it works at times. But it won’t work most of the times. Since it is hardly effective you should not take this bit of information seriously. We recommend oiling your food in place of this. However, you can try this for yourself to see if this has any effect.

Myths galore

The thing is that you will come across plenty of myths online. All websites are offering ‘useful’ grilling tips. Since they write it in a convincing fashion many fall for them. Lot of those articles are clickbait articles which should be avoided. The sad part is that people take them seriously. However, we recommend following the tips provided by a reputed chef or website. If you trust the source of the information, then you may believe it. There are serious blogs dedicated to grilling managed by experienced people and chef alike. You can believe their words. Otherwise it would be wise to discard it.