Healthy Diet

Getting the balance right with a weekly indulgence and sticking to a healthy regiment is not always straightforward.

For some driven people, it is simple to remain on course without deviating to some salacious cravings.

Yet there are many others who find this a daily struggle and have to seek inspiration.

But rather than delving too deep into the emotional and psychological reserves, there are a few handy tips that can make this exercise relatively simple to follow.
Indulge In Foods That Still Stimulate The Diet

Cheat meals should not constitute an entire binge of chocolate cookies or ice cream in isolation. If used correctly, this is an exercise that can actually expedite the weight loss process by consuming carbohydrates that burns through fat quicker. Meals consisting of steak and chips to sushi rolls and pizza feature a variety of carbohydrates that can be used for fuel during the upcoming gym sessions and workouts.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important steps that is necessary with cheat meals is to know what you would like to indulge in and plan ahead with it. After the conclusion of a gym session or even a day relaxing in the sun or in front of a movie, it is easy to slip into a mode where you are shopping for all manner of fast food options, ice creams and chocolates. Avoid that scenario by identifying a cuisine and a dessert first.

Protein and Fibre Work As Top Preparation Fuel

You want to be in the best possible condition leading into the cheat meals and this can be a hard target to reach if you have not prepared correctly. To satisfy those hunger cravings but to keep the calorie count to a manageable level, it is worthwhile investing in a meal that is high in fibre and protein. Chicken or light meats mixed together with a salad and vegetables is an ideal means of achieving this dietary balance.

Water Is Your Friend

When you do finally get to sit down, relax and enjoy the cheat meals, it does help to be mindful of the toxins that you want flushed out of your system. This is where water comes into the equation, providing a perfect balance for those healthy nutrients and keeping your hydration levels up. Many individuals who invest in their cheat meal love to have a complimentary beer or wine, so having that fresh water close by is important.

Reserve The Big Workout For The Lead Up

To ensure that you have the right glycogen levels in your body prior to the binge, it is worthwhile saving the big workout session for the week just prior to enjoying the cheat meal. An intensive session that is worked in a circuit of short bursts across the treadmill, weights and exercise bike will diminish those glycogen reserves to leave plenty of space to store those carbohydrates.

View The Exercise With Positive Energy

If you happen to be one of those individuals sticking to a healthy dietary regiment, then you already have a degree of drive and discipline that is achieving results. Channel that same passion into these meals for the cheat slot, because when viewed through a positive lens it can allow you to expand your palate and indulge in foods that are pure delicious.


If they are included within a healthy regiment for the week, cheat meals can be a great outlet. It is hard work trying to live a healthy lifestyle with all of the easy and cheap temptations that are thrown out way, but by sticking to some core principles and respecting some direct boundaries, this can be enjoyed without having to compromise on personal fitness and health goals.