Vegan foods

Different types of foods you can implement when you are looking to go vegan that isn’t tofu

It can be such a wonderful thing when a person decides to veto animal products and is something that is usually filled to the brim with wonderful intent. The only problem is that people often think that this is an easy transition and that they will be able to feel great right away and function exactly the same as they did before. The smart move for people to make is to transition into this lifestyle and to start implementing meat-free foods slowly while also reducing the amount of meat products that they currently consume.
When people go about things this way, they will likely find the transition to be a lot easier and that it will be something that they are able to stick to. When people start to research different foods that they can implement, however, they may realise that everything is soy based which may not be suitable for them for whatever reason. And so, this post will look at the different types of food that you can implement when you are looking to go vegan that isn’t tofu.

A great food to try when you are looking to go vegan that isn’t tofu is jackfruit

One of the hardest things to replace when someone decides to go vegan is, of course, meat. This is because nothing else really tastes the same or offers the same type of nutrients. This is a task that becomes even hard when people have intolerances to soy products, have intolerances to yeast (which rules out mushrooms), or have intolerances to a lot of nuts.

When people are in this position, they will likely find that they will struggle to come across meat replacements that don’t contain one of these ingredients.
That is until jackfruit starting making its way around the mainstream supermarket circuit. This is a type of fruit that is predominately grown in Indian and is a relative of a fig. One of the many reasons why this is becoming so popular is because depending on its ripeness, it can be savoury or sweet. When it is sweet, it can resemble the taste of a pineapple and when it is savoury it doesn’t taste like much meaning that is can be marinated will all different types of sauces to be used as a meat replacement of sorts.

Another great type of food to try when you are looking to go vegan that isn’t tofu is nut butters

For many who start to transition over to this type of lifestyle, they may already be the type of people that don’t eat that much meat and so it’s easy to cut it out. What they can find difficult to cut out altogether, however, is dairy products. This is because people don’t usually realise how they much they actually use in their everyday life e.g. using butter when they are baking.

Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives out there which people are able to enjoy and one of which is nut butters. These are completely meat and dairy free and are often easy for the body to digest because the shell of the nut is completely broken down or removed already. These can be spread onto fruits, crackers, and cakes, and can even be easily added to smoothies just for an extra kick. At the end of the day, being a vegan doesn’t have to be boring and it certainly doesn’t mean that one’s diet has to solely consist of things that are made out of tofu.