Food Items In A Safe Manner

Well, once you are done with a celebration or party, you are concerned about the leftovers on the table. We all believe in the sermon that we should not waste food. But excess food will always be a problem when there is a celebration or party at home. Throwing it away just like that is not a good idea at all. At least, you can give it to some other people who are needy the next day. But the immediate consideration is to keep them safely somewhere. You can’t leave them in the room temperature. Food will be rotten within next couple of hours. You have to store it somewhere safely.

Things to consider

  • Harmful bacteria will grow in the food if you leave it open for more than 2 hours. In that scenario, you should dispose of the food.
  • This holds true especially if we are referring to summer heat.
  • Once you have served the meal, you have to keep the leftovers in a safe environment.
  • Bacteria multiply when the temperature is between 41 and 140 degree F. This temperature is the breeding ground for bacteria.
  • You have to make sure that the food is not exposed in this temperature for long if you wish to keep it safe.
  • It’s time for you to wrap up the food and keep it in a safe temperature controlled environment.

Proper handling of leftover food

Let’s have a look at the things you can do to properly handle leftover food.

  • Well, you should not save all of the leftover food. You should save only the food items which are not tainted. If it has been sitting coverless for hours in the backyard; better not to save it. If many people had picked at it, then you can already consider it as a waste.
  • As far as saving is concerned, you are supposed to freeze the food immediately so that you can use it in next couple of days. If you are going to throw it away after two days, then there is no need for you to store it. If you are planning to eat it in the next couple of days, you should consider putting them in the freezer.
  • Proper storage measures should be followed. For instance, grains and vegetables should not be mixed with meats at all. Following a naming convention is recommended. For instance, write the date and item name on the containers so that you will have a clear idea. You should also write down the use-by dates as well.
  • It is important to cool the food before you store them. You have to ensure that your refrigerator is capable of doing this daunting task. However, we must tell you that you should not overload your refrigerator with too many items. We recommend keeping a consistent temperature. This can eat into the efficiency. And that is exactly why you should be choosy when it comes to deciding what you would like to save.