Winter Grilling

The general belief is that cold weather isn’t ideal for grilling. Well, it is not true entirely. Grilling is not something exclusively for summer time. You can do grilling irrespective of the season. In fact, we would like to believe that winter has to be the perfect occasion for grilling. Sharing grilled steak with your family and friends in the winter is going to be such a beautiful experience. You should give it a try if you haven’t explored this option yet! Well, we are here to offer useful winter grilling tips to those who are looking for it! Here we go:

Everything starts with a fine spot!

  • Yes, first and foremost, you need to find a fine spot where you do the grilling.
  • The problem with the winter season is that you will be fighting not just cold but winds as well. Therefore it is crucial to gauge the direction of wind on the day of grilling.
  • You need to make sure that you are protected from the wind. The ideal spot is near the house where you can easily access the kitchen. If you are to head to the kitchen to get things for grilling, it would be helpful.

Extra fuel is a must

Having extra fuel is very important, especially in the winter season as you tend to consume more propane or gas. Having enough stock of fuel is going to make grilling a stress free process.

Making the right adjustments

It is really important to warm up the grill before you get started. But during winter time, you will have to give some extra time for the same. Frozen parts can play spoilsport. So you need to warm those parts adequately before you start using it. You need to adjust the time as well. Compared to the summer, it is going to take extra time for cooking. You need to keep this in mind while adjusting this. You can run a trial before you actually do it.

Picking what to grill

The choice of food item is equally important here. For instance, you need to go for food items which do not take extra time for cooking. After all, you will be grilling in the cold. You don’t want to spend so much time grilling out there. As far as meat is concerned, go for thinner cuts which are faster to grill. Once you are done with the grilling, keep the warm food in cast iron pan. This is important to preserve the temperature.

Wear proper clothes

You are already aware of the harsh environment. It is important to protect yourself. You should wear appropriate clothing for the same. We recommend a comfy coat, boots, hat and a scarf. However, it is important to have dexterity while you are grilling. Pick proper clothing for the same. If you are ready to follow these tips, you will have a great time grilling this winter! We have provided great tips which will help you to have a great grilling session this summer with friends and family in company.