Pot Cooking An Enjoyable

As far as healthy cooking is concerned, clay pot cooking has always been a frontrunner since the beginning of mankind. Modern modes of cooking can have a negative impact on your health. First and foremost, clay pot cooking is a very simple method. It is really safe as well. There have never been any complaints regarding clay pot cooking. Given the numerous benefits attached to it, we all should opt for clay pot cooking. Thanks to the side effects of modern way of cooking, many are going back to the roots. They are ready to give a chance clay cookware.


But there are challenges one has to deal with as far as clay pot cooking is concerned.

  • The clay pots available in the market are not that trustworthy. Chemicals and toxic glazes and enamels have been in use.
  • If it looks really pretty on the outside, then chances are high for this to contain lot of chemicals. Using such clay pots will only result in toxins to enter your system.
  • You also need to be wary of the cheaper models. They might have used additives in them, to make them smoother.
  • Given all these, you should ensure that you are opting for a healthy clay pot for the purpose.

Let’s have a look at the useful tips to choose a healthy clay pot.

One must choose primary clay

What do you mean by primary clay? Well, this is the purest clay devoid of any toxins available in the market. The best thing about primary clay is that you will find them naturally inert. You need to be worried about reactions when it comes to ceramics and metals. You should avoid clay pots made of tertiary or secondary clay as it is not really good for your health. Secondary and tertiary clay may have contaminants in them. This is not healthy at all.

Say NO to enamels, glazes and chemicals

Why do makers use chemicals? They rely on chemicals to ensure an easy process. They tend to treat raw materials with chemicals. Thanks to enamels and glazes, your clay pots will look colorful. But it is not good for your health at all. This could also make your clay pot robust. But in the end, you will be eating contaminated food. So when you are making a purchase, you must make sure that you have opted for cookware made of primary clay.

Significance of seasoning

Seasoning is a great idea as far as clay pots are concerned. But you should do it following all the instructions. As you already know, you will be able to cook delicious food. The life of your pot will be increased as well. The best thing about pure clay pot is that it is non-stick naturally. Proper seasoning will ensure that the food never sticks in the pot. Most importantly, you need to use right ingredients as well. You need to opt for organic natural ingredients which will ensure that you have nutritious rich food.